Map of Tel Aviv Beach Hotels with Photo and Video

Map of Tel Aviv Beach Hotels with Photo and Video

Hotels location on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea in Israel.

Map of Hotels in Tel Aviv

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5 Stars Hotels in Tel Aviv, Israel

David InterContinental Tel Aviv, Dan Panorama Tel Aviv Hotel , Isrotel Tower All-Suites Hotel,Dan Tel Aviv Hotel, Sheraton Tel Aviv Hotel, Renaissance Tel Aviv Hotel, Herods Tel Aviv By The Beach, Carlton Tel Aviv Hotel, Hilton Tel Aviv Hotel, Crowne Plaza, Royal Beach.

4 Stars

Sea Executive Suites, Orchid Tel Aviv, Best Western Regency Suites Hotel, The Lusky- Great Small Hotel, TLV 88 Boutique Sea Hotel, Prima Tel Aviv Hotel, Gordon Hotel & Lounge, Alexander Tel Aviv Hotel, Tal Hotel - an Atlas Hotel, Grand Beach, Melody, Leonardo Beach, Opera Tower, Golden Beach.

3 Stars

De La Mer Hotel, Embassy Hotel Tel Aviv, Maxim Hotel.

Jaffa Hotels

Casa Nova - Luxury Suites & Boutique Apart-Hotel.

3D Panorama - Tel Aviv beaches

Tel Aviv is counted among the biggest and most populous cities of Israel. Tel Aviv is popular for its night-time skyline and is an admirably beautiful city. Tel Aviv is a Hebrew term, which means hill of spring’. Partying and culinary festivals are essentials of this magnificent city. Museums and architecture are also embedded aspects of the city of Tel Aviv. The city of Tel Aviv is home to people, belonging to varied cultural

backgrounds. Culture, music and entertainment are at the heart of this city. Like other cities of Israel, Tel Aviv is also rich in scenic locations, many of which are quaint beaches. It is the city that is full of numerous tales revolving around the Jewish culture. Tel Aviv witnesses a number of tourists and wanderlusts all the year round. This city is the perfect amalgam of pleasant weather and panoramic is one of the most exotic tourist locations, of the world. No doubt the city has some of the finest beach hotels in the world.

Tel Aviv Hotels in Israel

Tel Aviv Beach hotels

Based on the system of ratings, there are a variety of hotels in Tel Aviv. There are hotels ranging from 3 stars and 4 stars to 5 stars. To name a few, the 5-star hotels of Tel Aviv include- All Suites Tel Aviv hotel, Rennoisance Tel Aviv hotel, Crowne Plaza, Royal Beach, and so on. 

All Suites Tel range of hotels is perfectly suitable for families. They are an extremely sophisticated range of hotels. The All Suites Tel Aviv range of hotels is a chain of sea facing suites. 

Another elegant hotel is the Renoisssance hotel of Tel Aviv. Located on the Ha Yarkon street 121, this hotel lies at the centre of the city. You can easily locate this luxury hotel with the help of this map of Tel Aviv Beach Hotels. 

Renoissance Tel Aviv is one among the best hotels of Israel. The Crowne Plaza, another well-known hotel of Tel Aviv, is situated on the Ha Yarkon street 145. There are other budget hotels as well in the city. The 4-star hotels of Tel Aviv are The Lusky, Orchid Tel Aviv, Gordon Hotel and Lounge, Alexander Tel Aviv hotel, etc. to name a few. 

De La Mer Hotel and Embassy Hotel are among the 3-star hotels of the city. Tel Aviv is also popular for the Jaffa Hotels, which includes the Casa Nova suites and boutique.


The city is beautified by golden beaches, and a vibrant crowd fills the streets of Tel Aviv. Some of the popular beaches are, the Banana Beach, the Gordon beach, the Maravi beach, the Ajami beach, the Frishman beach, etc. Soaking in the sun, board-walking, which is traditionally called Tayelet’, are the loved activities at Tel Aviv’s beaches. A perfect mix of sun and sand, Tel Aviv beaches are simply more than fun. The Dolphinarium beach is a crowded centre, and one indulges in revelry here. 

An example of a happening beach life can be spotted at the Hilton beach, the Jerusalem beach or the Mezizim beach. There are several eateries and breweries around the beaches here. Beach communities are also a popular culture at the beaches of Tel Aviv. One can pursue a number of outdoor activities and enjoy water sports at these beaches. The winsome and alluring beaches of Tel Aviv, make the city a stellar destination. If you want to bask under the sun then you would find it the perfect place. To top it all, a Mediterranean coastline makes the experience even more enjoyable.


Another well-known part of Israel, 2 kilometres south of Tel Aviv is Jaffa. It is reminiscent of the old Arab culture and lifestyle. The traditional bazaar and the flea market are major attractions of Jaffa. There are interesting and iconic spots of Tel Aviv here, like the Old Port and St. Peter's Monastery. Jaffa has an old-school charm attached to it, and that is what makes this region even more worth visiting.

Central square

The full of life’ centre of the city, Central square is the hub of commotion and activity. The famous Dizengoff street, Habima sguare and theatre, Helena Rubinstein Pavilion of Art, all are at the heart of the Central Plaza. It is the centre of artistic activities and exchanges in Israel.

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