"Israel Eilat" Application

"Israel Eilat" Application

The application contains a lot of useful information on cities, hotels and sights of Israel.

There are satellite hotel maps, their descriptions, photos and video in “Hotels” sections.
By pressing any hotel sign you can see the pricelist and book a hotel room.

Hotels are divided into sections, for example, “Jerusalem hotels near the Old city”, "All Inclusive", "Hotels on the Beach", "All Inclusive", "5 stars", "Cheap Hotels", "Accommodation".

You can find out how to get from Eilat to Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem on your own. You can choose and book a hotel room next to the Old city and find Jerusalem sights on the map.
There are maps of the bus route from Eilat to the border with Egypt along the Coral Beaches, Dolphin Reef and Eilat Underwater Observatory in “Transport” section.
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"Israel Eilat" App on Google Play

Useful for Travel:

- Book hotels and tours in Israel directly from the app.
- Cheap flights to Israel.
- Currency converter.
- Phrasebook for Hebrew.
- Weather forecast.
- Directions on how to get to a place by public transport.

Most articles are written during personal travelling around the country. They are not advertising, but contain a lot of information for tourists, namely, how to get somewhere, distances between cities, the location of stations, and bus numbers.

Some special attention is paid to Jerusalem. The ways how to get to Jerusalem from Tel-Aviv and Eilat on your own and then from the bus station to the Old city are described. Also there is a satellite map of Jerusalem sights and their descriptions, such as Church Of The Holy Sepulchre, the Western Wall or Wailing Wall and so on.

Women will get interested in the section about Israel cuisine, and men can enjoy the “Israel guns” section.

All the photos and video are unique, they have been made by the application developer who has been living in Israel for more than 20 years.

There are spherical photos in the 3D section. The best of them have been taken in the Red Canyon and the Israel Defense Forces Museum in Tel Aviv – IDF Army Museum.

Please, be so kind and don’t put bad ratings, write in comments what you don’t like or what information you could not find.

The application will be updated, so your remarks will be taken into consideration.