Eilat Israel

If you want to spend your holiday at a relaxing destination, then Eilat hotels are the best choice out of all the others. People that want to spend their holidays in Israel prefer the Eilat hotel which is the best location to visit. Eilat is a port located in the south of Israel at the edge of the thin estuary that separates the Arabian Peninsula and the desert named Sinai. 

Eilat provides guests with a magnificent combination of desert and mountain landscapes. This city is home to many hotels, clubs, bars, shopping malls and countless other places to explore. Approximately 2.8 million visitors per year visit this resort because it’s one of the most exclusive resorts all around the world. This place is known for snorkeling and deep sea diving, which allows visitors to experience the spectacular underwater wildlife.

Eilat Location

The Eilat diving experience is one of the best entertainment options for visitors. In addition to diving, Eilat also offers its sightseers the chance to drive, cycle and hike in the magnificent Arava desert, located in the north of the city. Eilat was only known as a remote and isolated city, but after the grand opening of Eilat Airport this picture was completely changed and the city started to grow rapidly. 

With the passage of time, the city that was once remote is now the liveliest city and is a famous tourist destination for vacations. Eilat occupies about 87,000 hectares of land that provide a massive opportunity for employment in the city's first-rate tourist industry. The best part of this city is that its area is tax-free; this was a major reason that attracted the attention of tourists.


Eilat offers a huge attraction for people who are extremely attached to nature. It makes one feel very close to nature. Attractions include the dolphin reef, Timna Park, coral beach nature reserves and many more. This dolphin reef is a beautiful leafy garden that contains different kinds of pools and a spa which is like heaven on earth.

  • Dolphin reef

Dolphin Reef, on the shore of the beautiful Red Sea, is one of the most thrilling parts of Eilat city, which provides the divers the chance to swim beside nature’s best gift: dolphins. The best thing about this city is that the sea creatures are not caged, they are provided with a natural habitat.

  • Scuba diving

In addition to the dolphin reef, the Eilat diving center offers scuba diving. All of this scuba diving activity is performed under the instructions of professionals. The site where the dolphin reef is located has water pools for relaxation, beach bars, restaurants and some art and craft stalls just for entertainment.

  • Underwater Observatory Marine Park

Here in Eilat diving center, you get a chance to experience the underwater observatory marine park. This park has a lot of marine animals inside it. Thousands of people visit this magnificent park every year. Without picture taking, no vacation can ever be complete, so to entertain visitors Eilat city also has photo aquariums within the marine park. The last part of this unique marine park is the visitor center, that educates people about marine animals in the Red Sea.

  • Musical Fountain
  • The musical fountain in Eilat has new and thrilling attractions in the city. In the daytime, you can enjoy moving through the cool water, and in the night time, this musical fountain entertains you with an amazing audiovisual show. Here at this resort, you will observe a completely new view of the city with colorful lights when the sun sets.

    Shopping centers in Eilat are also a great source of attraction for the tourists. In this city, the shopping centers are quite inexpensive because Eilat is a tax-free area. These malls are fully equipped with modern technologies and brands at affordable prices. These shopping malls also have ATM services.

    Restaurants in Eilat

    The next most important aspect about Eilat city is the food. Eilat offers you an amazing array of mouthwatering dining options to choose from. There are many popular restaurants in grand Eilat city serving you with the best quality food. The food here is prepared meticulously by the best chefs from all around the world.

    • Casa do Brazil restaurant

    Many of the top restaurants like Casa do Brazil also have a branch in great Eilat city. Here restaurants offer you vegetarian food, fish, pasta and many more options with exotic flavors made by expert culinary chefs. Along with the best food, this restaurant also provides the best sitting environment, with Latin music playing in the background. After spending a self-indulgent day in Eilat city, rejuvenate at a restaurant here. Top restaurants serve customers with some incredible Middle East cuisine and the highest quality seafood.

    • Pedro restaurant

    Eilat city entertains visitors with some wonderful restaurants, which provide good ambience. Restaurants include Pedro restaurant that is located in a beautiful isolated garden neighborhood. Pedro is one of the exclusive restaurants in Eilat, having wine bars that offer a variety of different wine brands according to the demands of the customers.

    • 5th Avenue restaurant

    Then comes another one of the famous restaurants in Eilat, the 5th Avenue restaurant. This restaurant offers different types of Oriental, Mexican and American cuisine. Here, we combine flavors in beautiful cooking combinations. The food here is exotic, and the atmosphere intoxicates people with its serenity and beauty.

    • Whales restaurant

    Out of all these exquisite restaurants, the top place cannot be forgotten. Located in Eilat on the North Beach is the Whale Restaurant. This restaurant plays with seasonal ingredients, brimming with freshness. Here the ever delightful menu assures you that you will be surprised by the chef’s craftsmanship on every single platter. 

    The list for restaurants is endless, so to say in a nutshell, all of the restaurants here in Eilat city satisfy each and every visitor who looks for foods of various kinds.

    Events in Eilat

    Eilat city also conducts annual festivities and many other exciting events. These events provide you with a variety of fun activities. If you are in this city and want to spend quality time with your loved ones, Eilat resorts and hotels are the best places to avail this opportunity.

    Eilat, which is located in the south part of the country, is the sunniest city. Here in Eilat, you can enjoy the best weather almost year round. Because of its geographical location, it is an ideal place to live or spend your vacation in Eilat's pleasant desert climate. Eilat city offers you a variety of different forms of entertainment to explore, including sun baths, hiking, camel riding and many more.

    Eilat's weather is considered co-seasonal. The summer here lasts for about 9 months while winter for 3-4 months. In a nutshell, Eilat offers you the best weather conditions ideal for your vacations. Apart from the low humidity and heat, cool breezes are also an important feature of its weather.

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