Dust storm in Eilat

Dust storm in Eilat

The news of the day is a dust storm in Eilat, May 18, 2017.Even for Eilat, located almost in the desert, this phenomenon is very rare.

An unusual weather phenomenon — a dust storm attracted the attention of local residents and visitors of the city of Eilat. The photo reminds a shot from the movie «The Mummy».

Where is Eilat

A little help. The city of Eilat is located in south of Israel on the Red Sea. From the city beach of this city are visible Jordan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia.To the north of the city is the Negev desert.It happens that the weather presents a different kind of surprises. The main reason for the location of the city near the bay between the mountains of Israel and Jordan.

Rains here shed moisture only a couple of times a year.The geographical map shows that from the Red Sea to the north lies the lowland along which the border between Israel and Jordan runs.In the valley are the Eilat Gulf, the Arava Valley, the Dead Sea (the lowest point on Earth), the Jordan River and the Sea of Galilee.

However, similar miracles of nature, as well as rains, after a few hours do not leave behind any traces.

Dust over Eilat

Despite the awesome appearance of approaching a dust storm, it did not affect the life of the city.Is that the inhabitants of Eilat had the opportunity to photograph this «cataclysm» by the phone and send photos to friends from other cities or post photos on social networks.

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