THE 15 BEST Eilat Beach Hotels in Israel (with Map, Video and Photos) - Israel Guide

THE 15 BEST Eilat Beach Hotels in Israel (with Map, Video and Photos) - Israel Guide

Herods Palace, Herods Vitalis, Herods Boutique, Dan Eilat, Leonardo Plaza, Royal Beach Eilat, Hilton(Queen of Sheba), Astral Maris, Rimonim, U suites, Orchid-Reef, Isrotel Yam Suf.

Map of Eilat hotels

The 60 Eilat hotels on the Map.

Eilat Hotels with Private Beach. Best hotels in Eilat 5 star - Dan Eilat, Herods, Hilton (Queen of Sheba), Royal Beach. Cheap hotels - Astral Maris and Rimonim. 

The perfect resort town of Eilat is a wonderful place to escape to. If you are planning on going on a vacation to any place where the water is clear, the temperature is mild and the cool breeze is ready to refresh your mind and soul, you can travel to Eilat in Israel.

No one resists the beautiful attraction that lies along the shoreline surrounding the Red Sea. The water is clean and clear. It is refreshing. This is the perfect resort where the temperature remains mild throughout the year and it only rains twice a year. The beach will mesmerize you with its sight and significance. The mountains run all around the beach. Set your gaze across the water into Jordan which can make a good trip to Petra. Some parts of the Eilat Beach comprise soft and gentle sand while others have a rugged landscape.

The resort is a beautiful sight which is filled with amazing activities for the people. Enjoy water sports in the Red Sea where one can swim, sail or dive. There are more activities that include waterskiing, scuba diving and snorkeling.

Eilat beaches are beautiful. Travelers have been venturing to Israel to enjoy the beauty and magic of Eilat beaches for a long time. Due to the availability of new hotels around Eilat beaches, the place has grown in recent years as a tourist attraction.

The Eilat beaches do not only provide wonderful sights, but people can also swim to a safe distance and enjoy themselves in the water without any worries, due to the availability of skilled lifeguards. The lifeguards are available all the time. Enjoy your time at the Eilat Beaches and later mark your stay at any of the five-star hotels nearby.

Hotels have enveloped the resort of Eilat Beach. Vast hotels with amazing furniture and services give people the best time to relax and enrich their minds with memories that they will hold on to forever. The place is enveloped with ultramodern hotels with state-of-the-art technology and services.

Royal Beach Eilat Hotel

Enjoy the utter experience of luxury and extravagance at the Royal Beach Eilat Hotel located beside the shores of the Red Sea. The hotel tower gives its guests the best hospitality that there can be. This flagship hotel carries many large bedrooms. Exclusive honeymoon suites are also available for couples.

There are over 364 rooms along with honeymoon suites that all have their balconies opening up to a view of the beach. The hotel makes sure its guests do not miss out on the sight at sunrise and sunset.

The hotel gives its guests the facility of the prestigious Carmel Forest Spa. The spa has trained therapists that offer body massages along with health and beauty treatments. Within the hotel, there is a Turkish bath, Jacuzzi and sauna. Pamper yourself in the relaxing areas.

But, that’s not all, the hotel has a fitness room as well where you can work up your sweat! The gym and fitness rooms are available with the latest technology machines. Just because you are away from home does not mean you have to miss out on your workout routine.

A wide range of cuisines are available at the Royal Beach Hotel. The hotel has the finest cooks that will give its guests a vast menu from which they can choose. There are several restaurants which provide continental, Italian, Chinese cuisine and much more! Ranch House steakhouse restaurant, the Vista restaurant and the gourmet Italian La Cuccina restaurant will give your taste buds a tantalizing experience.

Let's not miss out on the huge poolside lounge, Hemingway. It is available for guests that are staying on the residential floors. This place provides a relaxed formal atmosphere where people can meet. Several business partners reside at the hotel and get together at the finest lounge. This lounge gets the exquisite service of refreshments along with a beverage bar.

Guests have a lot to see in this hotel. They will be assisted by capable staff members all around while room service is available throughout the day. Guests can enjoy the spa and Turkish baths in the morning and in the evening. They can take a walk along the Royal Beach Promenade. It will give you a glimpse of the beautiful Eilat nightlife that should not be missed at all. The hotel arranges live performances in the pub at night which will add extra fun to your trip.

U Suites Eilat Hotel

Set opposite the Red Sea, U Suites Hotel in the resort of Eilat gives its guests the epitome of perfection. The fresh mountain air along the coast beside the red sea compliments the beauty and luxury of this fine hotel. The hotel has a wooden dock which leads the guests to the sea.

There is so much available for the guests that check into the U Suites Eilat Hotel. The Hotel has sun-decks where guests can relax. They can even reserve the whole deck for themselves to enjoy and relax alone. There are over 246 wide and perfect suites. The hotel provides several activities to entertain their guests.

This all-suite hotel is equipped with ultramodern furniture and technology. Several suites also provide guests the breathtaking view of the Red Sea. Enjoy a dip in the jacuzzi located on the balcony after which you can dine at the Brasserie hotel to enjoy gourmet cooking.

Astral Maris

Astral Maris, is another fine hotel located in the heart of the Eilat resort. Astral Maris is a beautiful hotel which gives guests easy access to the various recreation and shopping centers. Not just that, but if you are looking for something close to the airport, Astral Maris is the perfect hotel for you and your family.

This hotel will keep your kids entertained too, providing various activities for children. The hotel has a large swimming pool within. The wide Shahaf hall and Astroland club within the hotel provide beds and deck chairs for sunbathing available exclusively for guests. It also has games for children, where a competent staff will look over your child while you relax in the Turkish baths.

Rimonium Hotel Eilat

Romonium Hotel Eilat is the extravagant place which offers international fusion cuisine, ultramodern technology, stylish interior, Turkish baths, wide halls, swimming pools and much more.

It also has a private beach which can be the perfect location for your wedding too! Your day will not start ordinary at the Rimonium Hotel Eilat. It will give you the utmost experience of luxury and peace brought together in the most significant way. Have breakfast from the sumptuous buffet after you accompany your friends and kids on a stroll at the private beach. This hotel is only a minute away from the beach.

It offers modernized rooms where the balconies provide a breathtaking view of the Red Sea. The hotel has spacious rooms for families along with honeymoon suites for couples. Unconventional room sizes are perfect for friends and family to stay in and enjoy their trip.  Here they will not miss the comfort of their home. The hotel will take care of all the things that you are longing for. Enjoy the free Wi-Fi, mini-fridge, king size beds, personal safe, hairdryer, bath products, and coffee and tea maker in your room.

Hilton Eilat Hotel

The Hilton Eilat Hotel enjoys a great location at the Eilat resort. The hotel has an extraordinarily designed outlook which was inspired by the Queen of Sheba’s Biblical palace. The hotel itself is no less than any palace where everything depicts luxury and extravagance. It will give its guest the unique vacation experience that they are looking for.

The staff members are available all day. You can order room service and delicious meals at any part of the day. Multiple huge rooms are avialable for families and children along with rooms for couples for their romantic getaways.

The hotel has several activities within where you and your family can enjoy a great time at the spa, club, pool, decks, gym, jacuzzi and Turkish baths. Parents can leave their kids under the surveillance of the competent hotel staff which will make sure their kids enjoy all the fun activities available for them at the hotel.

Herods Hotels in Eilat

The five-star hotel in Eilat is the combination of three luxury hotels. Enjoy the luxurious and stylish hotel rooms with a high standard of accommodation. The hotel has a trained and capable staff which will provide its guests with outstanding service throughout the day.

Herods Hotel will provide their guests with holidays that they will never forget. The hotel has numerous activities in store for its guests. It has spa facilities, game centers for kids, spacious rooms for couples, wide swimming pools and extraordinary halls with beverage bars.

The hotels flood with elegance and class. The hotels are known all over the world for their hospitality and superior amenities. The facilities will pamper their guests with large spas available in more than just one floor of the hotel.

Istrotel Hotels

Istrotel Hotels bring together the finest interior, gourmet cuisines, luxurious bedrooms and much more in the highest standards possible. The hotel is a combination of the unique architecture and the mesmerizing desert scenery that guests can view from their hotel room balcony.

Due to the top-quality services being provided here, this hotel has marked itself among the most extraordinary in Israel. It is a very successful hotel in Israel which enjoys the satisfaction of its guests and their return.

Israelis and tourists reside at this wonderful hotel which makes it one of the most amazing hotels every year. It provides its guests with an extraordinary hospitality experience that they are unable to forget, giving a wide range of facilities that cannot be ignored. It has a competent staff that is available to aid you every second of your stay.

Provided are state-of-the-art spas, gourmet restaurants, wide halls and classy rooms. The rooms are designed for your comfort. Numerous rooms include terraces and balconies that give a chance to enjoy the spectacular views of the Eilat beach resort.

The hotel is gigantic, covering 12.5 acres of land and 11 private villas of more than one floor. It is beautiful inside and out. The rooms open to private pools and a jacuzzi. There is also a private designated entrance for every room available. Wide halls and spacious bathrooms complement the bedrooms.

Leonardo Hotels

This ultimate spa hotel chain enjoys central locations at the Eilat resort. The hotels have smoke-free zones along with places that are distinguished as noise-free areas. The hotels signify pleasure and provide the peace guests are looking for. Also, here guests will have the utmost experience of wellness and tranquility which will help them escape from their everyday routine.

The hotels offer large and exquisite Vitalis Spas. Not just that, guests have the chance of sunbathing on sundecks while they enjoy the view of the Gulf of Aqaba. The hotels provide several other facilities and amenities to their guests. Guests will receive the services of airport transfers, transport to the shopping centers, etc.

The hotels arenot just for vacation purposes. It is providing an opportunity for entrepreneurs to sit down and carry out their business deals. 

These hotels are able to achieve a high rating as per the standards of the Israeli Ministry of Tourism. This piece of information helps Leonardo Hotels gain a greater audience which they are able to entertain with the help of their competent staff and state-of-the-art bedrooms and suites.

The Eilat resort is filled with extraordinary places to visit and luxurious hotels to stay in. It has several options in store for you. Whether you are with your family, friends, on a business trip or on your honeymoon, the Eilat resort does not only has wonderful beaches, but also perfect places to stay at.