Israel Defense Forces History Museum (IDF) in Tel Aviv - Israel Guide ISRAELEILAT.COM

Israel Defense Forces History Museum (IDF) in Tel Aviv - Israel Guide ISRAELEILAT.COM

Israel Defense Forces History Museum (IDF History Museum) in Tel Aviv is not just a testament to the military capabilities of Israel but also highlights the fact as to how Israel became an independent nation. The full force and might of the Israeli military are on display at the museum.

The IDF history museum not only houses the modern military equipment but also the traditional one. It has on display the military equipment from the time of the Britishers up until today. The most authentic as well as modern weapons are on display as well in various exhibits. All of this makes this Museum a must visit site in order to explore the nation of Israel in greater detail.

Different pavilions of IDF

The IDF History Museum is divided into 13 different pavilions. Not all of these exhibits are endorsed. The exhibits displaying the military transportation vehicles as well as tanks are outdoors. Each and every exhibit is dedicated to a different aspect of the military hardware or military history. There are various aspects of the Israeli military which are on display like:

  • Transportation military vehicles,
  • Artillery,
  • Guns and other weapons,
  • Artifacts,
  • Antiaircraft guns,
  • Armored vehicles,
  • And much more.

Unlike the other museums, you are at liberty to touch many of the specimens. This is the best thing about the IDF History Museum. There are a couple of unique pavilions in the museum as well like:

  • Spoils of war:
  • The IDF History Museum proudly displays the spoils of the war. These are weapons as well as tanks captured by the Israeli army. These are captured from enemies as well as various anti-national elements over a period of time.
  • Honoring the previous commanders:
  • The IDF Museum also honors the previous commanders. It has a dedicated exhibit for the previous commanders. One thing which you will find pretty surprising is that most of the commanders are now actively participating in governing the country in some form or the other.

    Exploring the museum

    Most of the exhibits are clearly marked in English as well as Hebrew. Therefore, you will have no problem at all in understanding the various exhibits. Additionally, there are audio tours which are available as well. These audio tours will help you in understanding literally each and every exhibit and provide you with the much-needed information about the same.

    Pro tip:

    It would be a good idea to carry a bottle of water as well as some food as there is no refreshments option inside. Keep yourself covered with the cap as well especially on hot days.

    The exhibits inside the museum are air-conditioned however, the outside ones are exposed to the elements of weather. That is why; it is a good idea to go on a cooler day. Once you enter the museum, you would also be given a map of the museum. It is a good idea to always explore the museum as per your exhibits of interest. This will help you in covering the maximum number of exhibits in a shorter period of time.

    The exhibits often highlight the fact as to how this military equipment helped Israel in numerous wars over the years. That is why it is not just a military equipment museum but it also highlights how this military hardware is intertwined with the history of Israel. This is the reason why it is worth exploring. The IDF History Museum will help you understand not just the military capability of Israel but also how the history of Israel has been impacted due to this military hardware. This is one of the main reasons why you should think about exploring this Museum on your visit to Tel Aviv.

    Owing to all of these reasons, when you’re in Tel Aviv, this is one historic site which you should definitely explore. Moreover, since it is located on the Tel Aviv Promenade and near to the old station of Jaffa, it falls right into the way of the tourist circuit. That is why; reaching the museum is not much of a problem. The next time you are in Tel Aviv; do make sure to explore the Israel Defense Forces History Museum.

    Address: Tel Aviv Promenade, Corner of Yehezkiel Kaufman str., Tel Aviv, Israel

    Time needed to explore the Museum: 2 hours

    Ticket Price: For Adults = 15 NIS (US $4), For Students, Retirees = 10 NIS (US $2.73), Additional 10 NIS (US $2.73) for audio tours

    Timing: Sunday to Thursday, 08:00 - 15:30