Map of 70 Hotels in Jerusalem, Hotels and Hostels in Old City

Map of 70 Hotels in Jerusalem, Hotels and Hostels in Old City
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5 Star Jerusalem Hotels

St. George Hotel, American Colony, Mamilla Hotel, David Citadel, Waldorf Astoria, Inbal Jerusalem Hotel, Leonardo Plaza, King David, Old City Jerusalem.

4 Star Jerusalem Hotels

National Hotel, Ritz Hotel, Golden Walls Hotel, Legacy Hotel, Addar Hotel, Leonardo Hotel, Grand Court Hotel, Olive Tree Hotel, Ambassador Hotel, Dan Jerusalem Hotel, Notre Dame Center, Eldan Hotel, King Solomon, Dan Panorama, Prima Royale, Mount Zion, Dan Boutique, Arcadia Ba'Moshava - Boutique, Rafael Residence, Prima Kings, Harmony Hotel, Eyal Hotel, Arthur Hotel, Prima Palace, Jerusalem Gold.

3 Star Jerusalem Hotels

New Imperial Hotel, Jerusalem Panorama Hotel, Seven Arches Hotel, Holy Land Hotel, Rivoli Hotel Jerusalem, Jerusalem Metropole Hotel, Victoria Hotel, Azzahra Hotel, Jerusalem Hotel, Beit Shmuel, YMCA Three Arches, Little House In The Colony, A Little House In Rechavia, Lev Yerushalayim, Montefiore, Jerusalem Tower, Hotel Habira, Jerusalem Inn, Agripas Boutique.

2 Star Cheap Hotels in Jerusalem

Hashimi Hotel, Mount of Olives Hotel, Capitol Hotel, St. Thomas Home, Zion Hotel, La Perle.

Jerusalem Old City Hotels
Jerusalem Hotels in Israel

Jerusalem Hostels

Chain Gate Hostel, The Sephardic House Hotel, Petra Hostel, St George’s Cathedral Pilgrim Guesthouse, HI Agron, Jerusalem Hostel, Abraham Hostel, Palm Hostel.

The Best Hotels and Hostels in Jerusalem Near the Old City, Israel and What They Have in Store for You

Jerusalem is one of the most fabulous tourist destinations in the world. It is a city rich in history. It is also the root of Christianity. Many Christians are thrilled by the rich history of the church that is embodied by the city. The sites are breathtaking, and the tourist experience is out of this world. Getting to experience the best only depends on your ability to book a nice hotel when you are there. Excellent services will make your trip more enjoyable and fulfilling. With a map of hotels and hostels in Jerusalem near the Old City, Israel, you can exploit great accommodation facilities for your stay. Here are some great hotels and hostels in Jerusalem near the Old City, Israel:

The David Citadel Jerusalem Hotel

The hotel is one of the grandest five-star hotels in the area. The best part about the hotel is that it overlooks the old town. It is about 300m to the historic site. It is incredible to wake up to such a fantastic view of the site out your window. The hotel has excellent modern, spacious rooms. The bathrooms are great and spacious. Luxury is at the offing here. The hotel offers a cab from the airport which is convenient for any first time tourist to the area. If you like to stay in and rest, the rooms have an LCD TV that can keep you busy.

The hotel has a world class facility that makes it popular with couples. It has a wellness center and spa. The facility is great if you want to relax as well as have some personal moments. Many people have a regular workout routine. When you are here, you can still work out as usual while still enjoying your vacation.

The food at this hotel is out of this world good. The Mediterranean cuisine is impressive, and you can explore something new. There is also the Italian cuisine. In summer, the hotel has a pool bar which takes it a notch higher to ensure that you keep well rehydrated and satisfied while you are enjoying the pool.

While you are the hotel, you can enjoy shopping at the Mammilla shopping area. There is a range of shops, restaurants, and Cafes. As a tourist, you want to explore as much as you can. The hotel is in a prime facility that sits near the most magnificent historical sites of all time. You can take advantage of how close you are and spend more time going to every one of them.

Leonardo Plaza

The Leonardo Plaza is another five-star hotel in the area. The hotel also sits close to the old town of Jerusalem. You can walk to the historical sites if you will. They have amazing services. The rooms are relatively affordable. From as low as $131 you can get a room. The rooms have lovely features. Ranging from families, couples, business, and solo travelers, you can get amazing services at the Plaza.

The rooms are comfortable and high class. The decor is excellent and modern to suit your taste. The rooms are great as they are ensuite giving you the maximum privacy you need. The rooms are fantastic with satellite TV. You can relax and order room service if you are too tired to go out. The plaza also offers you in room movies. You can watch a great film in your pajamas while sipping away a bottle of wine.

The Jerusalem hotel has excellent business services that you may need. If you are with a child, you take them to child services while you continue with your busy schedule. There is also a range of restaurants. You can sample various mouth-watering dishes. The ultimate tourist experience can never be complete without tasting the indigenous dishes. You can even get to enjoy dry cleaning services. There are also souvenir shops that you can get something special to remember your stay here.

There’s a buzz of activities that can keep you busy at Leonardo Plaza. The fitness room will help you stretch some muscles and burn some calories. There are a sauna and a swimming pool. If you love swimming, then you will enjoy the pool here. There is also a Jacuzzi if you want to soak in the water. The hotel has a spa and a wellness center. The facility is excellent for couples or merely solo travelers who want some time to unwind as they sample the best of Israeli luxury.

Did is mention there is free Wi-Fi? Nowadays you need the internet everywhere you go. At the plaza, you can keep up by using their speed internet while you relax and enjoy your vacation.

The Stay Inn Hostel in Jerusalem

A hostel is a great place to stay when you are traveling. The hostel has a shared lounge or rest area. You can have a buffet breakfast. The choices are English breakfast, Irish all vegan. It also provides the tourists with Wi-Fi. It is 1.9km away from the dome of the rock. It is also 1.8 kilometers away from the Western Wall. The reception is of great help as they can direct you to amazing sites. They speak French, Hebrew, and English.

You can visit the Church of the Holy Sepulcher and the mammilla open mall when you need to get out. They are just near the hostel. The other that you can visit is the Via Dolorosa. The hostel has excellent services that you will enjoy during your stay.

The Cinema Jerusalem Hostel

The hostel is also the best booking in Jerusalem. It is ideal for anyone who is looking for a great adventure. The hostel has a shared terrace which is fantastic for when you need some air. The hostel has free Wi-Fi that you can exploit to catch up with friends or surf the internet. You can enjoy a buffet breakfast. The hostel has been in existence since 1938. It is 1.7km away from the Western wall and 1.7 km from the Dome of the Rock.

You can enjoy visiting sites like the garden of Gethsemane which is 2.2km from the hostel. Many guests enjoy the premises.

These are just a few hotels and hostels that you can find on the map of hotels and hostels in Jerusalem near the Old City, Israel. Plan the next vacation with the best accommodation you can get. If the hotels are too expensive, a hostel will give you the best experience at a reasonable rate. Jerusalem is always a great place to explore, and with the right accommodation, you can stay as much as you would like to get the best experience.

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