Best 360 Degree Camera - Ricoh Theta V

Best 360 Degree Camera - Ricoh Theta V

Now you can transfer these spherical 360 degree images from the RICOH THETA camera to your smartphone, and then easily share them on Facebook, Flickr or embed 360 panorama on a website or blog.


Camera Ricoh Theta V is the most recent in a line of 360 cameras from Ricoh, or, in other words, It is a camera that has the reputation for being a pioneer in immersive substance creation. The last cycle, Camera Ricoh Theta V, was especially generally welcomed and turned into the top of the line 360 camera of the previous year. 

However, it did not have a couple of highlights that many new 360 cameras now groups. The Ricoh Theta V tries to take the brand back to the highest point of its amusement; 4K 360 video, spatial sound, and a speedy processor are the feature highlights.

Camera 360 for Real Estate

Camera 360 for Bussines

Virtual reality is coming to businesses, and the first step to getting in on the fun is investing in a 360-degree camera. Digital 360 cameras give you a full view of the scene to help you create immersive photos and videos for virtual reality and other applications. 

Photos of your business do one of two things: they convince people to purchase from you, or they drive your clientele away to a competitor who looks better. 

Having professional photos should be your main priority when advertising online to potential customers.

Today, your images are shared everywhere including Google Map and your corporate and personal websites, social platforms, video feeds, and more. Make sure your photos beat the competition!

Ricoh Theta V

The piece of candy molded Camera Ricoh Theta V is going within its made by a USB link for charging and exchanging information from other devices, a little manual, and a superbly formed case. Nothing fantastic here separated from the need on a smaller than usual tripod, or, in other words with 360 cameras. Camera Ricoh Theta V is one of the leading 360 cameras that can stand freely without a tripod so that might be the reason they didn't try to incorporate one.

Theta V Design

The focal point framework stays unaltered, yet behind the twin fish-eye, f2.0 focal points are new 1/2.3-inch 12-megapixel sensors that deliver less picture clamor and have a far quicker shade speed of 1/25,000 second (up from 1/6,400 second). That implies its low-light shots will be a little cleaner and more honed and shooting on a bright day won't result in lost points of interest from smothered features.

The processor likewise enabled Ricoh to accelerate sewing to the point where it currently occurs as you record rather than when you exchange. That implies when you go to move a clasp you need to share to your telephone, it happens far quicker than previously. Fundamentally quicker Wi-Fi helps here, as well, and the expansion of Bluetooth LE (Low Energy) keeps a diligent association between your telephone and the camera so when you need to start up the versatile application to perceive what you're shooting or change settings, all that's required is a couple of moments to interface.

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Sound Quality

Another enormous change on the Camera Ricoh Theta V is the manner by which it records sound. The camera comes fitted with four separate amplifiers in different positions on its body, enabling it to record spatial audio. Spatial sound allows you to encounter noise all the more reasonable and is vital for submersion; the Ricoh Theta V is one of the leading 360 cameras to have this element.


Theta App

Like every one of the 360 cameras, the Theta V is controlled by an application. The application is called Theta S in the Google Play Store, yet also works with the Theta V. Applications are accessible for both Android and Apple telephones.

As of composing this survey, the application could do with some work. It somewhat eases back to the stack, Surrey when running and powers me to physically reconnect to the Theta V WiFi each time I utilize it. These are issues that are irritating, yet not a major issue.

The application enables you to physically control the camera, especially in photograph mode where there is a significant vast scope of alternatives, from ISO to Exposure and Shutter speed. You can leave everything where it is, and the camera will complete a skilled occupation.

The application additionally enables you to see your substance and offer it crosswise over online networking. This is accomplished decently easily. While the app needs some work, it's in no way, shape or forms a debacle, however, expect a touch of disappointments ever from time to time.

Memory: The Theta V highlights internal memory of 19GB with no choice for development with a Micro SD. This somewhat restricts what number of recordings and photographs you can take, particularly considering how vast 360 recordings can be. You can merely clear space on your camera by exchanging records to your telephone, yet it's something I'd instead not be agonizing over.


  • lncredibly clear 4K 360 video
  • Functions admirably in low light
  • Spatial sound
  • Amazing plan
  • Quick exchange speed
  • Auto HDR photographs


  • N0 adjustment
  • N0 redesign in photograph goals
  • Restricted to 19GB memory
  • Carriage application

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